... who bring a copy of one of their albums to the store.


Spunky Monkey has been open for several months now, in the now-purple building on NE 20th & Couch that used to house Ruby's, but it took me a while to actually check it out because the name is just so freaking terrible. But the service at the neighborhood coffeeshop I used to frequently recently became intolerable (Dear barista: Your "cleanse" is actually not a legitimate explanation for why you are taking so fucking long making my coffee. Sincerely, Alison), driving me into the weird sex monkey coffeeshop, and it's actually a really great little place. Good coffee (they roast their own), thoughtful sandwich options (a veggie sandwich with pickled beans!), waffles, creative bagel-topping options (fig butter. Is good. Plus, their breakfast bagel w/Morningstar sausage, cheese, and pepper sauce is like the Platonic ideal of a veggie bagel sandwich), housemade kombucha, basically all kinds of well-done hippie options that have gradually eroded my initial association of semen-spattered primates. And of course the music thing is a win-win.