It's no secret that we like rabbits here on End Hits. But we don't discriminate; we like all kinds of rabbits, not just harmless little Scottish bunnies of song. Tonight, a trio of local Rabbits are going to pick you up, pummel you, and thrash you to pieces. These aren't harmless little bunnies, but rather Rabbits, the punk-sludge-thrash-trash band who are dropping a new slab of vinyl (in inconvenient 10-inch format, no less) onto your quivering little whiskers.

The release show's tonight at Tube, and the four-song record's called Hide; it's out on Eolian Records, and it's fucking heavy. If you don't have a record player (seriously, why don't you have a record player? What the hell is wrong with you?), or if your record player doesn't play 10-inch records (mine didn't until I jammed a piece of metal bracket into one of the gear things), you can check out the tunes over on Rabbits' MySpace page. They're loud, furious, heavy, catastrophic, screamy, bellowy, and fucking fun as hell. Turn it up. Make your neighbors hate you. Then go to see Rabbits tonight. Beers are a fucking dollar.

w/Kingdom of Magic, DJ Wroidrage; Tube, 18 NW 3rd, 9 pm