If you can sing, sound artist and aviator cap enthusiast Ethan Rose wants to hear from you. Rose is working on a piece for a choir and needs a few more singers to round things out.

I currently have around 20 participants from Portland's Flash Choir, but am looking to have about 10 more people join on. Without going into too much detail, the piece will be translating some of the studio based work I have done over the past years into a vocal/spatial composition. This will not be a technically demanding piece in the traditional vocal sense. For the most part performers will be singing long single pitched vowels and hums, making clicks, repeating short phonetical consonants, and sustaining various breath sounds.

Vowels. Hums. Clicks. Phonetical consonant. Breathing. I'm terrible at all those things, but if you have what it takes, drop Rose a line. Rehearsals begin early September with performances scheduled for December. Since it's a grant funded piece, Rose can only pay a small sum for travel expenses, but considering how unique his previous projects have been (from his music box installations, to the rollerskate organ playing at Oaks Park), you probably don't want to miss this.