23 days until the2010 PDX Pop Now! Festival kicks off. Until then, take a minute to get a little better acquainted with a couple of acts that will be performing. You'll thank us later.

  • Tyler Kohlhoff

2010 has seen the big sound of sextet And And And make an equally big splash in the Portland indie-pop world—turning heads as they churn out full-lengths like they name was Dwayne Carter.

And And And - "Dizzzy"


Let's clear up the spelling here and now, for good— Alex Smith and Sean Sumler are ASSS. Not AS/SS. Drums, drone, sax and distorted unpredictability—the duo make a noise unlike anyone else in town.

ASSS - "Don't Think"

The PDX Pop Now! Festival takes place from July 30 — August 1 at Rotture (320 SE 2nd Ave, Free to all ages)