PINBACK PRESENTS: THE ROB AND ZACH SHOW, LITTLE WHITE TEETH (Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) "There’s definitely more of a chilled-out feeling to Pinback," bassist Zach Smith admits. "But [guitarist Rob Crow] and I aren't that way completely. At some point we're like, 'Okay just go, put the drums on loud and just go.' We like that." This, of course, is not news to fans of the San Diego duo. Though they've spent a decade together recording albums that burble and hum with pop hooks in a bedtime register, both of Pinback's core members have done time in bands with a sharper edge (notably Crow's Goblin Cock and Smith's recently re-formed Three Mile Pilot). It's not news, but it can feel like a bait and switch to those who come to one of Smith and Crow's shows expecting to be swayed to sleep, not get their faces rocked off. "When we're onstage with our friends we just want to be... loud. And we'll get flak for that from certain fans. Some will be like, 'It was awesome to hear [single from 2001's Blue Screen Life] "Penelope" 20 times faster,' and others will say, 'That sucked!'" DB

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CHAIN AND THE GANG, TURBO FRUITS, GOLDEN TRIANGLE, DJ YETI (Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison) Ian Svenonius—former frontman for Nation of Ulysses, the Make-Up, Scene Creamers, and Weird War, and current author, online talk show host, and mouthpiece for Chain and the Gang—wants you to believe that liberty is bad. "Everywhere liberty goes, it leaves a path of destruction. Fast food, bad architecture, militarism, rampant greed, environmental destruction, imperial conquest, class struggle; these phenomena, when combined, seem to be synonymous with 'Liberty.'" The sharp-dressed and sharper-spoken Svenonius wants you to join him and chant, "Down with liberty... Up with chains! Put those handcuffs on my hands!" But WILL you join him? On this new anti-authoritarian, anti-American, freedom-hating quest for the truth? After seeing him flail around like a televangelist preacher on trucker speed at one of his live shows, you just might! KO

SLEEPY SUN, TU FAWNING (Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) I wouldn't blame you for thinking psychedelic rock is dead. A near half-century after psychedelia's first flourish in the 1960s, there's plenty of it still being made, and a lot of it, quite frankly, isn't very good. But man oh man, do not sleep on Sleepy Sun. They do psychedelic rock the old-school way—guitars that sound like they've burst into flame, country-howl vocals with eerie harmonies, heavy and relentlessly long jams, drugged-out rhythms that sound like they're going to fall apart before kicking into high gear—and they do it very fucking well. Their first album, Embrace, was a cannonball of righteous, bombastic psych, and their new album Fever is even better. With fantastic local band Tu Fawning opening the gig, you won't want to miss a single note of this show. NL