19 days until the 2010 PDX Pop Now! Festival kicks off. Until then, take a minute to get a little better acquainted with a couple of acts that will be performing. You'll thank us later.

  • Tyler Kohlhoff

Alternately combatant and complementary dual guitar play first draw you in for a taste of Blue Horns's poppy, anxious glam punk, but it's the hooks upon hooks that keep you coming back for seconds.

Blue Horns - "I Will Eat You Up"


Blending punk, blues, world and experimental influences into one seamless sonic assault too big to be confined to classification, Brainstorm creates one of a kind pop gems that a duo of any lesser ability, focus and chemistry would not be able to pull off.

Brainstorm - "Lonely Ghost"

The PDX Pop Now! Festival takes place from July 30 — August 1 at Rotture (320 SE 2nd Ave, Free to all ages)