Does listening to Kid Cudi make you feel like taking a swing at him? Me too. Still, I probably wouldn't climb up onstage and actually do it. But for one fan at Cudi's hometown show in Cleveland, the urge proved too impossible to resist:

And watch Kid Cudi fight back!

This isn't the first time Cudi's swung at one of his fans. At a concert in Vancouver a few months ago, somebody chucked a wallet at him (presumably full of money?), and Cudi lashed back. And let's be clear: This fan is a dumbass, and was totally in the wrong, and Cudi had every right to take him down. But man, if only decorum and morality didn't prevent us from punching people as they're in the act of making terrible music. Instead, we music writers rely on the crutch of passive-aggressively written criticism. Ah, words. Always so inexact. Maybe I should just start writing PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH.

ht: Buzzfeed