Last December, after drinking too much spiked egg nog, I wrote a misinformed blog about the Parson Red Heads moving to Portland and was sued for libel. Now that the lawsuit has finally been settled and I am doomed to hand over my single-digit writer's salary to the band for the next 425 months of my life, I have received official word from frontman Evan Way that the band is, in fact, relocating from LA to Portland in late September/October. This is good news! Parson Red Heads all the time! I'm still broke!

You can catch the Parsons in town on August 7th to play Crystal Ballroom's "The Best of the White Eagle" showcase with Sunbeam, The Dimes and Tango Alpha Tango, in the midst of their five-week summer tour. Also, the band has a new full-length in the works, and an EP, Early Birds, which will only be available for purchase during aforementioned tour and features new and reassessed material from 2003/2004.

Here's a great track off of Early Birds:

The Parson Red Heads- "Choose"

Why yes, Parson Red Heads; you have made the right choice.

For additional info, tracks and the full tour schedule, head here.