OREGON BALLET THEATRE'S UPRISING: WEINLAND, LAURA GIBSON (Aladdin Theater, 3017 SE Milwaukie) Everyone's got to eat, even the whippet-thin dancers of Oregon Ballet Theatre (OBT). But food costs money, and during OBT’s recent fi nancial crisis, management told the corps to prepare for the worst. So principal Candace Bouchard conceived of a way to put a few bucks into the pockets of her dancer friends’ skinny jeans. Calling it Uprising, the forward-thinking Bouchard bringsballet to a new audience using music that’s popular everywhere but the classical world. Uprising premiered to packed houses at Mississippi Studios last summer. “It’s important for ballet to get out of its bubble if it’s to survive,” Bouchard says, “and I want it to survive.” Besides developing future fans, she is intent on collaborating with local artists. Last year’s shows featured indie-folk band Horse Feathers—this year, Weinland and Laura Gibson provide the accompaniment.

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THE OCEAN FLOOR, AH HOLLY FAM'LY, KELE GOODWIN (The Artistery, 4315 SE Division) When Lane Barrington joined Church (sorry, Hosannas, but it'll always be Church to me), his expressive drumming took the band to dynamic new heights. All the while Barrington maintained his own project, the Ocean Floor, which he is now pursuing exclusively along with Shannon Rose Steele. Tonight marks the release of Pop Quiz, the Ocean Floor's playful yet meticulously crafted full-length. On top of acoustic guitar and Barrington's marvelous percussion, the duo sprinkle in all kinds of counterpoints, including strings, horns, keys, winds, and more. Everything here is effervescent, pastel, heartwarming, and cute. And while the wildly orchestrated tracks on "Pop Quiz" shimmer and shift like dense constellations, live the duo figures to offer a more intimate, stripped-down approach. Nonetheless, Barrington and Steele have the talent to make the minimal every bit as sparkling. ANDREW R TONRY

THE DEAD WEATHER, HARLEM (Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside) Does anyone really like the Dead Weather more than the White Stripes, the Raconteurs, or even the Kills? Or, at this point in Jack White's victory lap as the only mainstream alt-rock guitarist worth a damn, do we not get to ask such questions? Sea of Cowards, full-length number two for this side project of a side project, is infinitely better than its predecessor Horehound, but that isn't exactly a compliment worthy of the massive talent that anchors the Dead Weather. Instead, it's merely another stopgap, a way to kill time between releases from their other bands. EAC

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VERSION: SCIENTIST, MONKEYTEK, JON AD, RYAN ORGAN, JAGGA CULTURE (Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison) I'm just going to come out and say it: Dubstep has fallen embarrassingly off track. What started off as a promising subgenre made from equal parts Jamaican dub and UK garage has quickly devolved into a frenzy of grating chainsaw noises and macho chest bumps. The warmth and groove that defines the bass sound of traditional dub got lost somewhere in the shuffle, and tonight is a rare chance for redemption. Dub pioneer (and King Tubby protÉgÉ) Scientist is teaming up with dubstep contemporary Alter Echo for a first-time live collaboration. As source material, the two will mix only elements of songs released by Portland's Lodubs Records—a label that has adamantly resisted the dubstep dumb-down—including upcoming material that hasn't come out yet. This all came about because the infamous and elusive Scientist contacted Lodubs claiming he could bring out "a hidden third dimension" in the label's sound. True story. AVA HEGEDUS


GRAND ARCHIVES, CASEY NEILL AND THE NORWAY RATS, S (Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) A couple weeks back Carissa's Wierd reunited in Seattle. You weren't there. Chances are you weren't at any of the band's previous Portland shows in the early '00s either, since those were equally as memorable for the music onstage as the depressingly sparse turnout. But there are second chances in music fandom, and if you've had the pleasure to experience any of Carissa's Weird's cripplingly sad music without ever actually witnessing the real thing onstage, tonight is a good place to start. The whispered bedroom vocals of Mat Brooke and Jenn Ghetto have since been pried apart, but you can hear Brooke fronting Grand Archives and Ghetto in her solo project, S—the latter of which is a real treat, since Ghetto was dormant for a handful of years, only recently returning to where she belongs with a new solo disc, I'm Not as Good at it as You. You missed out the first time; let's not have that happen again. EAC