5 days until the 2010 PDX Pop Now! Festival kicks off. Until then, take a moment to get a little better acquainted with two of the acts that will be performing.


Skeletron is a two-man dance party factory consisting of Shawn Glassford and Josh Hodges—you probably better know them as one half of Starfucker/Pyramiddd/STRFKR.

Skeletron - "Quality Time"


Todd Dickerson—aka Soup Purse—is the only tabletop noise artist performing at this year's PDX Pop. The affable man behind the project is up for the challenge and excited to act as ambassador for his sect of the underground experimental scene.

Soup Purse - "Tiny Soft Forks Lick Clean His Ears"

The PDX Pop Now! Festival takes place from July 30 — August 1 at Rotture (320 SE 2nd Ave, Free to all ages)