The 2010 PDX Pop Now! Festival kicks off this Friday. Until then, take a moment to get a little better acquainted with two of the acts that will be performing.


At the tail end of last year, Eric Phipps and Rocky Tinder added drummer Cyrus Lampton (Forest Park, Pardee Shorts) to give Wampire that bigger beat that every party act keeps striving for. The trio has, in a relatively short amount of time, gone from young upstarts to one of the top dogs in the Portland dance scene.

Wampire - "Orchards"


When Why I Must Be Careful perform, it's an always changing and building set—a jarring, breathless composition of jazzy experimentalism that swells, swarms, and stings. Fitting then, that the duo's next record—funded via a successful 2,700 dollar Kickstarter.com pledge—will be a one of a kind, limited run packaged in wooden frames and wax honeycomb made by their own colony of bees.

Why I Must Be Careful - "Syllabic (Excerpt)"

The PDX Pop Now! Festival takes place from July 30 — August 1 at Rotture (320 SE 2nd Ave, Free to all ages)