The Portland Folk Festival has officially rocketed itself into a whole new realm of awesome (and fat), as it is now the only festival EVER to host a buffet!*

That's right, the Sunday (Aug 22nd) daytime show at The Woods, featuring Raymond Byron and the White Freighter (formerly Castanets), Michael Hurley, Tara Jane Oneil and more, will include a Kill Rock Stars-sponsored buffet for you to belly up to in between sets. The event will be catered by HomeTown Buffet, and will feature a wide array of foods to choose from, including pigs-in-a-blanket, mini waffles, chocolate pudding and an endless supply of Alaskan King crab legs.**

The line forms at 2pm! $10 for a ticket if you don't buy a wristband (which is only $30, mind you), and just $5 extra if you do. Buy your tickets here.

*This is probably not true.
**This is definitely not true, thank god. Organic produce will be provided by Groundwork Organics and a bevy of other local suppliers. There were probably be some of those rubbery tofu dogs around, too, which I've found are better for bouncing than eating.