On debut full-length In and Out and Back Again, Woven Bones have got it all figured out. The Cramps' creepiness, the vocal chops of Iggy Pop on quaaludes, and the same loud band in a tin shack recording "quality" as House Rockin'-era Gories. Stripped down, filthy garage rock at it's finest. Scope the video for album standout "Your Way With My Life" above.


Sacramento's G. Green have been dropping singles and CD-Rs in anticipation of a proper full length, honing a melodic, basement pop sound along the way. Their raw, shimmering nuggets of youth are held together by scrappy, heart on sleeve lead vocals that claw for notes in the upper register but hardly find their target. It hardly matters though. Their energy is infectious and this band is just plain sweet.


G Green - "Gay 90s"


It rubbed me the wrong way at first, but this year's self titled full-length from Wounded Lion really started growing on me once I realized they're not actually idiots. A crunchy, Pink Flag groove with Byrne-ish yelps of "I've been to the Degobah system, they've got some crazy shit there." These guys know exactly what they're doing.


Wounded Lion - "Degobah System"