Never heard of the band Christmas? They are pretty hard to Google, but there'll be no excuses after tonight—the Olympia foursome are a live act to be reckoned with, and my darkhorse pick to have best set of the whole festival. Of course, it all depends on the time slot they get—read: how drunk the audience is, how ungodly hot it is—but Christmas' blasts of deranged psych-thrash deserve to be met with a heap of sweaty kids losing their shit.


The sound of being young, Californian, and on drugs—San Francisco's Young Prisms bake unabashedly sunny and stony slices of shoegaze and psychedelia. Take a breather for a minute this weekend and let the blissfully aloof fivesome soundtrack your weed-break.


Young Prisms - "Dreamcatcher Panoramic"


Shannon and the Clams make authentic, diner-sittin', malted-sippin' 50s jukebox singles—except instead of Grease, their diner is frequented by the cast of Thrashin'. A perfectly twisted, fresh take on poodle-skirt culture that doesn't take itself too seriously, The Clams—and Shannon Shaw's unforgettable voice—should have you twistin'.


Shannon and the Clams - "You Can Come Over"