SONGS FOR MOMS, STREET EATERS, BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS, SEX HAIR (The Know, 2026 NE Alberta) I'm not sure whether the name is supposed to be ironic or not, but the ladies of Bay Area punk trio Songs for Moms actually do kick out jams that my mother could get into (full disclosure: My mom really loves the Violent Femmes, X, and anything Shane MacGowan has ever done). Though their powerful vocals and heart-on-sleeve explorations in punk storytelling flirt with country, Celtic, and folk influences, Songs for Moms refrain from taking a definitive plunge into either of the three. The bouncy, unpredictable results carry an empowered swagger, honesty, and femininity—both live and on their newest, strongest record, I Used to Believe in the West—that you can take home to mom. EJ