• j. castello

One of the 63,000 [fact check this before publishing—Ed.] emcees who kick it in the Sandpeople crew, Sapient has a brand new disc out on August 31 entitled Barrels For Feathers. It's a fine step forward for an emcee best known for being the most prolific rhymer in town (between his solo work, the Sandpeeps, and Debaser, the man is responsible for over a dozen releases in the past few years). "Find Home" is a bit slicker than most of Barrels For Feathers, but with its piano-heavy beat and lyrics that touch on spiritual confusion, the track is hard to get through without a repeat listen.


Sapient - "Find Home"

Sapient's CD release show will be at Satyricon on Aug 28 with Debaser, Josh Martinez & more.