Ah! A talking fucking robot! This must be the work of Skynet. KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!

Oh wait, put the fire away, it's just a teaser ad for the NW Hiphop Fest. Going doing next Friday and Saturday at Slabtown, the fest is two days of solid local hiphop that was booked in a hasty 48 hour (!) span. I have seriously done nothing these past two days. To think, I could have booked me a hiphop festival.

Friday, September 10:
Dark Time Sunshine, Cloudy October, Hives Inquiry Squad, Rafael Vigilantics, Pale Soul, Eddie Valiant, Iame, Smoke, Void Pedal, Sole Provider, Quixotic, Dj Zone

Saturday, September 11:
Sleep, Mic Crenshaw, Raise The Bridges, Santotzin, Suicide Kings, Destro & L Pro, Soul P, Rose Bent, Eternal Family, Merc 541, Sonny Gunz, DJ Fatboy

Both shows are $6 at the door and 21-plus.