Spinner has posted this brand new video from local troopers the Upsidedown. "God's Bare Hands" is from The Town With Bad Wiring which is due out on September 28 on Reverb Records. Want the band to provide you with a description of the video that makes little-to-no sense? Well, you are in luck.

"It's a love story in the tradition of John Hughes' 1985 film 'Weird Science.' When the perfect woman, the Earth angel is created, she's 'got on headphones, listening to can,'" the Upside Down's frontman Jsun Adams tells Spinner. "The word 'god' was borrowed from the Doctor Bronner's soap bottle at our practice space. In the video, live painting by Robert Hardgrave is being projected up behind us as if he were Zeus himself creating the backdrop for everything from true love to rock 'n' roll. The movement throughout the song is love created, love lost, true love found and then in the final verse, John Hughes steps in to play 'the man upstairs.'"

Okay, sure. The band also recently (well, a couple months back) had another song, “Wolf Blood Honey,” featured on True Blood. It was that one episode with all the vampires and sex in it.

The release show for The Town With Bad Wiring will be on September 28 at Bunk Bar. It's a free show, so maybe buy the band a pork belly sandwich as a thank you.