Today marks the release of TV On the Radio guitarist Dave Sitek's self-titled solo debut Maximum Balloon. The project features Sitek's funky quick-strummed guitar style atop lazy, scaled-back electronica and is voiced by a wide stylistic range of guest vocalists, including his fellow TVOTR bandmates.

Here's a taste of that. In this video, Sitek walks around and looks stiff while possessed by a hiphop demon (Theophilus London) that shoots hoops and lives in an old Windows desktop background.

If that doesn't do it for you, perhaps you'd prefer the video where Sitek stands around and looks stiff as people are mauled by a Chinese parade dragon in a balloon ocean.

Also, for those who haven't heard the old news, Sitek announced in February that he was teaming up with comedian Aziz Ansari to produce a hiphop mixtape under the stage name Raaaaaaaandy (with eight A's). The guise is based on Ansari's character from the movie Funny People. Here's a diss track they produced that personally confronts all of the hiphop icons who are taking too long to get verses back to them. Who cares if we posted it here before, it'll still funnnnnnnny (with eight N's).


Raaaaaaaandy - "Aaaaaaaangry"