***12:36 Update*** We have a winner. Congrats to all that entered and spent time trying to solve this.

Awhile back we made some dreams come true, and broke some hearts, when we gave away a slew of tickets to see the Arcade Fire. Since you only love us for our free tickets, and we are desperate for your approval, we are doing it again.

This week, and maybe next week as well, we are parting with four general admission floor tickets to see the Arcade Fire (with Calexico opening things up) on Thursday, September 30 at the Memorial Coliseum. To win, you'll need to be the first person to accurately complete this Arcade Fire crossword puzzle (after the jump). We're no Will Shortz, so don't hate us if this is the worst Canadian indie rock word puzzle you solve today. There are questions about the band, their back catalog, Win Butler's NBA obsession, plus a few Montreal-specific ones as well. Good luck, word sleuths!

If you want to skip the puzzle, buy your tickets here.



Download the puzzle as a PDF file: arcadefire.pdf

*** One quick edit: The clue for 41 Across should read "Canadiens hockey nickname" (not Canadians). Sorry.

Email the winning entry here.