Caribou is a man. Actually, it's a band. A really, really good band led by Dan Snaith. A band whose live show is one of the most exciting tickets around town. And speaking of tickets, we've got a pair to give away for Caribou's live show at the Wonder Ballroom on Tuesday, October 5.

Snaith reinvented Caribou's sound for this year's Swim, a bizarre yet addictive, robotic yet fluid dance record that's quite a ways away from their previous kaleidoscopic pop stuff. Despite its dance-club overtones, the Swim material translates fantastically to the live setting with a full band behind it. This is going to be a great show, I am certain of it. For your chance to win this pair of tickets, drop your name in the proverbial hat by leaving a comment below, explaining why we should pick you as the winner. We're gonna leave this contest up over the weekend, closing comments at 12 noon on Monday. Good luck!


Caribou - "Leave House"