Put down that microphone, Jaina. Its not your turn.
  • Put down that microphone, Jaina. Or put on a dress.

Nick Jaina is making a new record, but it wont be Nick Jaina singing on it. So who will it be, you ask? Charles Shaw? Brad Davis? The rest of the talented-but-unmarketable folks behind the moving mouths of Milli Vanilli's Rob and Fab?

Nope. Luckily, The Beanstalks That Brought Us Here Are Gone will feature Jaina's songs as interpreted by some amazing female vocalists/musicians, all of whom are regionally recognized (at least) for their ability to throw sailors off course when they open up and sing.

Here's a gander at the tracklisting:
01. "No One Gives Their Heart Away" featuring Laura Gibson
02. "The President of the Chess Club" featuring Amanda Spring (of Point Juncture, WA)
03. "You Were So Good To Me" featuring Jolie Holland
04. "When the Blind Man Rings That Bell" featuring Kaylee Cole
05. "Once But Never Again" featuring Luzelena Mendoza (of Y La Bamba)
06. "Awake When I'm Sleeping" featuring Audie Darling
07. "Ortolan" featuring Myshkin
08. "James" featuring Johanna Kunin
09. "Whiskey Riddle" featuring Annalisa Tornfelt (of Black Prairie)
10. "Missing Awhile" featuring Corrina Repp (of Tu Fawning)

And here is some more info on the project and a cyber wishing well in which to toss your digital pennies; there is still quite a bit of fundraising that needs to happen in order for this undoubtedly beautiful album to ever find its way into your ear canals. Plus, for only 5,000 pennies donated, you get a bunch of musical swag, a personalized song written by Jaina (though there is no guarantee he will be the one singing it) and a pint of his blood! Also, an organ—and no, I don't think he's referring to a Wurlitzer. (Go for a kidney? You can always use an extra one of those).