Much like the Juggalos' cultish devotion to Faygo, it's probably not possible to explain how the Thermals became absolutely obsessed with Furby dolls (Or is it Furby toys? Figures? What the fuck are those things?). While on their current tour the band has been littering their Twitter feed with various musings about the furry little creatures that sold 40 million (!) units about a decade back (while adding the always popular hashtag of #furbyfeverforever).

Usually it takes a Rocket From the Crypt tattoo—or you know, drugs—to guarantee free admission to a show, but the Thermals are opening their guest list to Furby-toting fans, just as long as you agree to hand your creature over to the band at the end of the night. As of Monday the band had assembled a small army of Furbies, and they promise that more are on the way.

If the band expands this offer to Teddy Ruxpins, I am so in.