Though the flyer for tonight's show at East End lists The Besties as the opening act, it is not the Brooklyn twee-punk band who called themselves The Besties before they broke up last year. Nope, the band who kicks off the night is Portland's own Besties (no "the"), made up of singer/guitarist Leif Anders (Orca Team), bassist Sara Proctor (Reptilian Civilian), and drummer Cody Seals (Blood Beach). They are one of the more interesting pop acts going on right now in Portland, fusing calypso-like tones (Anders guitar is tuned to sound like a steel drum) and bright, tropical pop polyrhythms that would go well with a strawberry daiquiri in hand.

You'd think the band named themselves Besties because they play together like they are long time BFF's. On the contrary, the members barely knew each other when they formed six months ago. So where does the name Besties come from? It draws from the song's lyrical subjects: the best friends of Anders ("Sydney Don't Leave," "Jessica, You'll Be My Girl," "Thomas Maximus," etc). Sure, it might sound overtly precious, but they're onto something. Singing about your good buds guarantees a built-in fanbase. (It reminds me of the short-lived Houston hardcore band Friendship, that no one outside of Houston would ever remember.)

Besties open the show at 9pm sharp. Mark Sultan (BBQ), Robert Scott (The Clean/The Bats), and Pure Country Gold round out the bill.