Maya coming! Never seen M.I.A. before? Brace yourself for a sea of neon, plenty of finger guns pointed to the heavens, and a chance to see one of the most creative artists of the past decade. M.I.A. shows are not a common thing around these parts, so don't miss her October 18th performance at the Roseland Theater.

In fact, we'll make it even easier on you to see M.I.A. in action. We have two pairs of tickets to giveaway to this show and two different ways to win.

1. Crossword puzzle! Test your knowledge of M.I.A. (plus the Sri Lanka Tamils). The first person to submit the correct answers to the puzzle (it's after the jump) will be the winner. [UPDATE: We have a winner on this already.]

2. Comment free-for-all! Just make your case below. The best comment by tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9am will win a pair of tickets. Good luck and play nice, okay?

Or you can just buy your tickets here.