Hey gearheads! Stop playing with your iPhones and iPads and check this out... Seriously, stop it for a second.

Portlander Seth Olinsky of Akron/Family is one of the folks at New Signal Process that's created the BreakOut Pedal, a piece of machinery that works with your iPhone or iPad directly so you can connect a mic or a guitar or a keyboard or whatever. There are a ton of apps available through iTunes that make cool or weird sounds (like that T-Pain vocoder one), but you have to use the shitty connector that's built into the phone in order to use them. From New Signal Process' FAQ:

How do you use the BreakOut Pedal?

Simple. Plug the jack into your phone, then simply plug in a guitar/keyboard/mic and plug out to an amp like any average pedal.

You can’t just plug a microphone into the iPhone or iPad?

Nope. Apple uses a different jack that allows input and output at the same time and doesn’t recognize when you plug in a standard mic (or guitar for that matter).

Anyway, it's pretty clever device for home recordists, allowing you to use the iPhone recording apps with a ton more flexibility. Olinsky and New Signal Process are making the devices boutique-style right here in town. Full press release after the jump, and here's a video that shows members of Akron/Family, Menomena, AU and others using the gizmo.

NSP BreaksOut new Sounds

Now you can play through all the weird new digital app-sounds, from Japanese touch-screen noise synths and T-Pain to cool 8-bit distortions, and send them into your signal chain or Marshall.

The musicians, artists, hacks and tech gurus at New Signal Process have invented an audio recording and performance interface for the iPhone and iPad called the BreakOut, that literally breaks out the next myriad ramble of sonic/artistic possibilities.

Their hardware allows you to plug in a professional grade microphone, keyboard or guitar through your iPad or iPhone and send it out analog to an amp, di, or computer.

The same size as the iPhone, the BreakOut is housed in a rugged die-cast aluminum case and made with hifi components, a true bypass and level controls.

Whether your vision requires signal processing on stage, portable field recording or just a plethora of new effects in your home recording setup — you’re in luck — the BreakOut is designed to work with all the apps out there, giving you access to hundreds of effects, amp simulators, synths, and recording software.

Bands have already begun the experiment. Check out members of Akron/Family, AU, BrainStorm, Wow and Flutter and Menomena getting crunk with it here.

The pedals are hand made in Portland, OR and available directly from New Signal Process for $100 at www.newsignalprocess.com