It's best we start with a bout of full dislosure: Yes, Greg Behrendt wrote "He's Just Not That Into You," a pseudo self-help book for middle-aged woman (Oprah loved it). And yes, there was a movie based on the book. But "He's Just Not That Into You" was mostly a fluke—a weird, small idea tossed off that became a gigantic phenomenon.

Behrendt is also a terrific stand up comedian, a passion which was troubled by the success of the book, as woman started showing up to his performances expecting something else entirely.

The following clip, a story based on meeting his childhood hero "Diamond" David in 2010, is fucking awesome. It's kind of everything you expect, fear and love about an aging Roth, who's at once saggy and washed up, but who can pound enough whiskey and cocaine into his wrinkly body to still feel like it's 1985 and he's cock of the motherfucking walk.

Zippity BOP!

Comedian Greg Behrendt on meeting David Lee Roth.

Originally featured on the Sound of Young America podcast.