Though Satyricon is closing its doors for good at the end of the month—leaving our city's underagers with about enough all-ages venues to count on one hand—some hope for the all-ages underground music community looms on the horizon. To be specific, the (really far) north horizon. Though not as centralized as Satyricon or Backspace's downtown location, the brand new Factory Underground in Saint Johns is welcoming Portlanders with open arms, hoping to create a lasting (fingers crossed) creative space to share with Portland musicians and show-goers of all ages.

Sound crazy? In a town where legit all-ages venues seem to open and close faster than you can say "OLCC", sadly, the answer is yes. The community-oriented, do-it-together spirit that the Factory Underground and others before them have preached is usually not enough to pack kids in the place and keep the doors open. Fortunately, the FU collective matches their confidence and ideology with a welcoming, awesome space—the two story venue features a local art gallery and coffee shop on the first floor, with a performance space, ping-pong and pool in the sound-proof basement—built by and for the community. As far as the types of shows we'll see at the venue, they're still anybody's guess, and anybody's call—booker Derrick Anderson is keeping his mind waaay open when it comes to the scene(s) the space will dabble in. Says Anderson:

“While I’ll pretty much let people create their own shows here without putting my exact aesthetic upon it, me, personally, I’ve never understood anyone wanting to listen to five very similar bands in a row. But, hey, if we can put together an annual event that showcases diversity and isn’t about just one thing, that would make me pretty happy. I understand crust punk and singer/songwriter, and gangster rap don’t always go hand in hand with everyone’s individual crowd, but I can dream, can’t I?”

The dream begins at 1 pm this Saturday, October 16th, an opening extravaganza featuring Mood Ring (members of Roller Ball), Lickity (Marmits, Fear) Cheap Meats, Mannequin Head, Party Killer, Turf Noize and many more—twelve bands total, for just three dollars. Best of luck gang! Oh, and a note for all the kiddos: to make the trek, look for bus lines 4, 16, 17, 44 and 75, or just hop on the Huffy and head North.

The Factory Underground is located at 8296 N Lombard, underneath the North End Art Gallery in Saint Johns.