(Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) Tired of dance music with no heart? Tired of heartfelt music that makes you want to nap? Phantogram knows your pain. The Saratoga Springs, New York, duo takes the dance party into the bedroom, creating lush electronic beats capped by the deep intimacy of vocalist Sarah Barthel. You'll dance and you'll cry, just hopefully not at the same time. EZRA ACE CARAEFF Also, read our article on Phantogram.


(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) No matter your feelings about '90s nostalgia, Liz Phair made two of the strongest albums of the decade. Exile in Guyville made 1993 a little bit dirtier–Phair's flat, deadpan delivery and dry humor resulted in severe cases of endemic sailor mouth on college campuses. 1994's Whip-Smart was true to its name, mining the same ground that Guyville covered—seamy frankness and the shitfalls of relationships. But then came the '00s... where Liz didn't Phair so well (I'm sorry), as she explored glossier, poppier sounds that made her '90s fans angrier than a frustrated blowjob queen. We all sort of lost touch after that, but Phair has kept at it with her sixth album Funstyle, which came out in July. She raps over bhangra beats on "Bollywood." "Smoke" is a tangle of cartoony voices. In short, it's a hot mess. Who knows which Liz will show up at the Doug Fir tonight (Will it be indie darling, Lilith Fair songwriter, or teenybopper wannabe?), but it's bound to be an entertaining—if not nostalgically fulfilling—evening. COURTNEY FERGUSON


(Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside) Manu Chao is the septualingual citizen of the world born in France to Spanish parents and renowned all over the globe for his thrilling sound amalgamations, in which far-flung samples, rhythmic chants, found sounds, and Chao's own singing/songwriting collide to create ridiculously hypnotic dance music. Portland is one of only four cities Chao is visiting on his quick-hit US tour, and fans of globetrotting musical intoxicants would be fools to miss it. DAVE SEGAL

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(Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison) The annual, surreal Floating World Animation Fest has rebranded itself with a new name—DMTV—and a "trippier mission." Tonight promises to bombard your eyeballs with an epileptic amount of crazy-ass psychedelic animation—plus, there'll be performances by Atole and Nice Nice that'll go right alongside crazy visuals mixed live by E*Rock. ERIK HENRIKSEN

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