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The last time I purchased a pair of Dr. Martens (or in my case, Dr. Martens knockoffs) the store had a promotion where my boots came with a free single from the Fluid. It was a cassingle. So clearly I do not have my finger on the leathery pulse of the boot manufacturer. Turns out that the family-owned company has their North American headquarters right here in Portland at NW 10th and Burnside, and now they are moving their retail location to the same building. This is the storefront that once housed Ozone Records UK (Anyone remember that?) and some sort of high end electronics store that I was too poor to even look at through the window. But that's all over with, it's all boots now. Plus some grand opening music as well...

In celebration of the grand opening of the new Portland store location and also marking the 50-year anniversary of the brand, Dr. Martens will be hosting a series of free music events in October, November and December. The first show will be on Friday October 22 and will feature local Portland band The Builders and the Butchers.

DJ Beyonda kicks things off at 6pm, with the Builders and the Butchers going on at 7pm. The show is free and open the public.