Get to :40 sec

You are not cooler than Monotonix. Not as long as they're working hard, spreading cathartic bliss like chain-lightening through the night skies.

The three half-naked, sweaty hairballs are so transformative they should be sent to Camp David, as guests of President Obama, speaking on behalf of their native Israel as goodwill ambassadors, sent to finalize a peaceful end to the current round of talks with Palestine once and for all. Indeed, Monotonix could be that elusive key American Presidents have sought through recent history.

I mean fuck, you gotta try something different once and awhile, right?

In fact, I saw Jimmy Carter at a Montonix concert just the other day. He was fucking lit!

Plus I hear Ty Segal is pretty good too.

TONIGHT: MONOTONIX, TY SEGALL, O BRUXO @ Mississippi Studios - 9PM - $10