Everyone knows the van-flipping, eardrum crushing dudes of Red Fang are to the beer cans as Van Gogh was to the brush. That is why the band compiled a list of the "Top 5 Things Red Fang Has Made With Beer Cans" for Decibel Magazine. Actually the list is courtesy of Chris Coyle, the band's "Road Chief," and it's a pretty funny read:

4. A Homeless Guy Stoked After Making The Prehistoric Dog Video:
The question that gets asked the most about that video is “How many beer cans did you use” The answer is four bajillion. No joke. We counted every one. I’m not sure if you’ve ever caught a whiff of four bajillion beer cans before, but it smells like a bum fart in mid-July. Thankfully Oregon has a five-cent refund on cans so we just shoveled David’s kitchen into garbage bags and handed off to the nearest homeless dude. Last we saw him he was driving a Porsche to his house in the west hills.

Homeless guy in the West Hills? You sure it wasn't Art Alexakis? Zing!