1. Perfect Fall Weather
If you haven't noticed, Portland is experiencing some pretty fantastic fall weather. Grab a sweater or light jacket, find some nice outdoor seating (bonus if there's a fire pit), pray for a clear night and gaze at stars with a whiskey in hand. You'll have all winter to catch up on your favorite television programs.

2. Sex Church
These damning souls from Vancouver, BC preach to the dour and will bring their dark, dare I say it gothic garage assault to The Know. Complete the soundtrack to your upcoming Halloween party with their new 6 Songs By Sex Church LP.

3. Is That a Joke?
This ongoing comedy show, which occurs once a month at The Woods, features some of the snarkiest, twisted amateur comics in the Northwest. Tonight's all-male line-up includes Nathan Brannon, Billy Wayne Davis, Adam Dahl, Mitch Fennimore, and pizza-eating champion Owen Straw.

4. Clipd Beaks and Indian Jewelry
If you're already planning to see Holy Fuck, do not miss openers Clipd Beaks and Indian Jewelry. Clipd Beaks make post-punk racket from the hallows of your psyche, and Indian Jewelry induce narcotic, soul-baring noir-wave beats for your feet to move to.

5. Covers and Hairy Damage Control
Young SF garage Svengali Ty Segall will likely do a bad ass cover of some song you already really love and Tel Aviv's Monotonix like to wear very little clothing, set stuff on fire, and crowd surf with their gear.

6. Die Antwoord.
Apparently, they're the answer. Sorry God.