I admit it, I spend about 90% of my hard earned, disposable income on beer and records. I'm not proud, but it feels good to admit it. If you, like me, have a problem and are looking for help, might I suggest checking out the soon-to-be opened Record Room (8 NE Killingsworth). Granted, the help you'll get here won't come in the form of therapy, but rather in a one-stop-shop of a frosty pints and new and used LPs.

Owner Rachel Rhymes learned the ropes of the Portland record store biz over at Everyday Music. After finding an ideal space—near PCC Cascade, sharing a wall with friendly neighborhood feminist bookstore In Other Words with no other record stores in the surrounding area—Rhymes has made her, and our, dream into a reality. Long bench seating runs the periphery by the windows, with tables and chairs in front. The bar/counter looks out onto bins of 12-inches, with Pabst and micros on tap behind the register. LPs are well stocked for their opening day—all graded for condition and in plastic outer sleeves—as are the cassettes. There's even a sealed, framed copy of Nirvana's Live! Tonight! Sold Out! on laserdisc. ("Not for sale!" Rhymes admonished, much to a certain drooling Mercury writer's chagrin.) Two small turntables with headphones are also available for previewing as well—provided you're not so sloshed you spill on or scratch the LPs.

Ready for the kicker? The Record Room buys your used LPs for either 30% of resale value in cash, or 50% in store credit—i.e., beer. All you folks who are selling off their record collections to make a little beer money anyway, take note and cut out the middleman! You can even play a little pinball while they look through your stuff.

The Record Room celebrates its grand opening tomorrow, with an instore performance by Hey Lover, who are also celebrating the release of their new seven-inch as well as DJ sets by DJ Permanent Wave (Jenny from Erase Errata/Silver Interior) and DJ Nightschool (Nathan from The Gossip).

Cheers, Record Room. Here's to a long, fruitful relationship of you taking my records and getting me drunk.

The Record Room is located at 8 NE Killingsworth and Williams. All ages welcome from noon to 7 pm, 21+ after that. More photos after the jump.