Whether it was supposed to be kept secret, set up last minute or someone just spaced on promoting it, perhaps the finest show happening tonight—sorry, emocore band Blood On The Dance Floor—somehow escaped any mention in our fine printed publication. Regardless, if your brain is a fan of getting psyched out of your dome, don't miss the chance to catch Moon Duo tonight at East End.

Hailing from San Francisco, Sanae Yamada and Erik "Ripley" Johnson—perhaps better known for his work as a guitarist in the mighty Wooden Shjips—formed Moon Duo just last year, but they've already released an EP and LP on hot-shit labels Sacred Bones and Woodsist, respectively. With an electronic drummer as a third member, the guitar and keys Duo spin minimalist, spectral riff-psych around a driving, Krautrock backbone—a heavy, spacey hash that echoes Silver Apples and East Coast contemporaries Blues Control. If you're not sold yet, does it sweeten the deal any more if I tell you that fellow space-ritualists Eternal Tapestry will be joining them, and the whole darn thing is FREE? Thought so.

Moon Duo and Eternal Tapestry perform at East End, 203 SE Grand. 9pm, Free.