Seattle robo-punks The Spits are demented freaks. Who else would shave chunks of hair out of their heads before a show, throw firecrackers into the crowd, chew blood capsules for fun, or carelessly soak their gear in lighter fluid before striking a match? No one. The Spits are merciless. For a decade, they've wreaked havoc on show-goers. Now they're aiming their sights at scaring the world's children with their conceptual EP, Haunted Fang Castle.

Haunted Fang Castle is an audio/visual monsterpiece, complete with strange psychedelic synth-punk abstracts, and a narrated storyline that can be followed through the JJ Rudisill-illustrated read-along book which comes bundled with the physical 10" record (available in stores Nov. 23). In the meantime, you can download the whole damn thing HERE. Consider it an early Halloween treat. Watch the trailer below so you know what you're getting yourself into.