For whatever reason, I've spent a lot of time in the past couple of years listening to music birthed of the various projects of Paul and Linda McCartney—records by Wings, the supremeness that is 1971's RAM and what have you. And while Paul is arguably the most charismatic of The Beatles (with solo work second only to Ringo and the All Starr Band), I've become most fascinated with Linda's frequently-overlooked contributions to the songs the two wrote and performed together (as well as the songs she wrote on her own).

For instance, listen to her detuned and raspy, yet perfectly matched back-up vocals for this monstrous pop song, off of RAM... which you should absolutely own. RAM is full of songs where Linda's vocals put them over the edge and give them depth, however strange they might sound if they were to be played on their own.

Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney- "Monkberry Moon Delight"

And here's a song from Wings' debut album, Wild Life, written very shortly after RAM, where Linda is first granted lead vocals—which she was later hassled for with harsh statements about her less-than-perfect pitch. But I think she sounds great.

And here's the short animated video made for Linda's first single, initially released under the pseudonym of Suzy and The Red Stripes (which was essentially Wings with Lady McCartney at the helm) and later released posthumous under her own name, on a record compiled by Paul and entitled Wide Prarie. It's just plain cute.

I like to picture the McCartneys once living a happy life on their ranch in Tucson, eating vegetarian dinners, wrestling with their children and scanning the room in search of plain objects they could bring to life and transform in their songs. Usually, this song is playing in the background of those thoughts:

Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney- "Long-Haired Lady"