(Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi) Every time I go to my grandparents' house, they ask me to lift something heavy, write HTML code for their computer, or open that jar of pickled herring they've been trying to pry apart for weeks. "We've got arthritis! Our eyes are bad!" "You're young, you can handle it!" I equate this youthful plague to the touring capacity displayed by (and imposed upon) Long Beach-based, barely 20-year-old Avi Buffalo thus far. Since the April release of their self-titled debut, the band has barely had time to brood in their rooms and skip dinner to prove a point; they've been too busy doing their geography homework for the gifted-and-talented rock prodigy class they've enrolled in. And for the last leg of their first headlining tour, they partake in another laborious load-in, slinging their jangly, dreamy, and appropriately heavy guitar rock to Portland for our listening pleasure. But they're young. They can handle it. RAQUEL NASSER


(Satyricon, 125 NW 6th) The final countdown continues for Satyricon, which will live out its final days the way it always has—bringing underground rock bands into its dingy digs. But tonight's (second-to-last) show might actually make you feel like you've fallen into the most kickass wormhole ever. Fred and Toody Cole come this time as Pierced Arrows rather than Satyricon staples Dead Moon. Joining them is seminal Portland punk band Napalm Beach, who haven't played a show in years. The place will no doubt be packed full of people who frequented the venue back in its heyday, as well as young folks who need to see what the hubbub is/was all about. Deafening rock and beer-besotted patrons never goes out of vogue—come say goodbye to a place that carried that tradition for so many good years. MARK LORE

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