Portland should be so lucky to be one of the eight U.S. cities that "indie rock party" promoters The Rumble have chosen for their monthly events. Tonight, The Rumble comes to Holocene, with a front-to-back solid line-up of talent. We've already shined a little bit of love on La Sera (the side project of Vivian Girls' Katy "Kickball" Goodman), who are on tour with the blogger-beloved No Joy. But what's really not to miss is Austin trio Ume (that's ooo-may to all of you who don't know the Japanese word for "pickled plum").

Ume was founded in Houston almost eight years ago, before singer/guitarist Lauren Larson and her husband/bassist Eric moved to Pennsylvania to pursue graduate degrees, leaving drummer Jeff Barrera back in Houston. For years, the only time you could see them play was in Texas during holiday breaks. It's a very good thing the Larson's moved closer to home, where they were joined by Barrera in Austin. Over the past few years, the band has grown exponentially, touring the States numerous times, and releasing Sunshowers, one of the sweetest EPs I heard in 2009. Their sound pits latter-day Blonde Redhead pop sensibilities with some gnarly post-punk Sonic Youth attacks that channel Kim Gordon's more fiery moments. From the moment Lauren Larson's petite, seemingly harmless frame picks up her Fender, she sets about thrashing and writhing around the stage like a possessed, feral demon child, while Eric and Jeff hold down the rhythm. It's one of the more exciting live shows you're bound to see. And seeing that tonight's Rumble is FREE ONLY $5, you really don't have an excuse to miss it.