Portlandart.net has a teenie-tiny piece on the YU Building (the "YU" is for "Yale Union Laundry"), which is on its way to becoming a gigantic, dope-ass art space. I guess the building is still owned by an LLC, but the plan is to turn over ownership of the massive, multi-story warehouse to the YU pro-arts non-prof. Last night they held their first public event.

YU Building. Across from Sassys and the Holocene, on 10th Ave
  • Portland's YU Building. Across from Sassy's and the Holocene, on 10th Ave

I recently had the opportunity to tour the whole building and get the spiel on plans for renovations (concert spaces, gallery spaces, etc.) from the man Adam Forkner/White Rainbow himself. That building is on a Wayne Manor/batcave level, for real. All kinds of crazy rooms and weird surprises—like a couple of enormous vintage printing presses, an upstairs ballet studio (where Parenthetical Girls were hanging, or rehearsing, or something), the Marriage Records warehouse and offices, and of course the tricked-out Marriage recording studio in the basement.

All of the plans for the building sounded fly, so here's to that. Cheers. Hopefully there's more good news on that front soon.