Hailing from Rock Island, IL and landing herself a sweet spot in Ojai, CA (Chumash Indian for "Valley of the Moon"), Lissie has been stirring up the waters lately. And rightfully so; the girl can sing, and certainly holds her own as a musician/songwriter. I was caught off guard last year by her first EP, Why You Runnin'; the minimal production (c/o Band of Horses' Bill Reynolds) does well to highlight her preternatural talents.

On the other hand, her debut LP, Catching A Tiger, is a bit overproduced. The album's first single, "Cuckoo," is very much a "single," so much so that I can't bear want to post it here, and I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear it rubbing elbows with Katy Perry and Rhianna songs on Z100.

Ok, it is. Cringe.

Lissie - Cuckoo (Official Video) found on Pop

But now! An extra-precious gem in a cove full of jade, from the Why You Runnin- EP':

Lissie- "Wedding Bells"

And here's a Daytrotter Session, posted early this year, that also works in her favor.

Okay. So now that the issue has been identified, perhaps we can save the immediate stress-out and give her the benefit of the doubt until we see her live? What do you say? She plays the Doug Fir on December 30th. Then we can reconvene and make our* final decision.

*This is all annoyingly assuming that you're with me on this. BECAUSE YOU ARE, RIGHT? WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU AREN'T? Okay, okay, I'll stop yelling.