(Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside) I Will Love You at All, the new album from Australia's Darren Hanlon, is one of this year's wry delights, packed with acute observations and gently infatuating melodies. It was recorded right here in town, with the talents of Portland's finest, so tonight should be a memorable night on his US tour. NED LANNAMANN Also, read our article on Tim Kasher.


(The Woods, 6637 SE Milwaukie) At a mere 20 years old, Alessi Laurent-Marke has already been recorded by superproducer Mike Mogis, had a record released on Virgin, and edited her own zine. Having parted ways with Richard Branson and Co., Laurent-Marke—recording under the name Alessi's Ark—has just released the Soul Proprietor EP, a slight but charming four-song release that showcases Laurent-Marke's girlish yet all-knowing voice, not a million miles from BjÖrk or Amy Millan. Its best moments are downright McCartneyesque, with lightly rollicking beats, nonsense syllables, whistling, and a devotion to melody as if one's life utterly depended on it. This is the Londoner's first show in Portland, but her homegrown method of injecting delicate folk-pop songs with gravitas will be right at home here. NL

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