Shit, let's keep the pop punk skateboard rolling. The Descendents just played a show in Texas! Via Brooklyn Vegan.

Fun Fun Fun Fest getting the Descendents as a last minute headliner fill-in for Devo was a big deal, and the size of the crowd that showed up Sunday night to watch the reunited California punk band proved it. It was almost definitely the biggest crowd at any one stage the whole weekend. They played on the Orange, aka the "indie" stage, that MGMT headlined the night before, and you could see that they pulled something like double the crowd, and there were a lot less people watching Mastodon one stage over Sunday night too, partially because the Descendents stole some of their crowd.

The festival organizers called the booking a "the equivalent of a punk-rock half-court shot at the buzzer."

Now, a lot of reunions have a tendency to sketch me out—ahem, Pavement. But for whatever reason, perhaps because they never were cool, rock stars, or over/under valued, another chance to see the Descendents sounds fucking rad. (Maybe the Mean Jeans could open?)

Aside from three December dates in Australia, no more U.S. engagements have been announced. Here's hoping the trip goes well enough to inspire an American tour.