Hello, Ween Fans; today is your lucky day. After another long summer of playing festivals and hating every goddamn second of it, Gene and Dean Ween have announced a late-January 2011 sojourn to play a handful of venues on the West Coast and YES, there is a Portland date on Wednesday, January 26 in Portland. But WAIT! Before you totally freak out when I tell you that presale tickets for the Crystal Ballroom show go on sale tomorrow at 10am, I think you should know this; Dean Ween (also known as Mickey Melchiondo) totally hates your band.

As told to Canada's National Post;

“We’ve been doing festival gigs all summer and the music just sucks so bad,” Melchiondo says. “It completely blows my mind just how spineless the music is where there’ll be 115 bands on four stages and there’s not one f—king guy up there playing a guitar solo with distortion.”

Asked to name some of the bands he finds most offensive, Melchiondo offers: “All of them.” According to the guitarist, today’s music is so “wimpy” that he’s developed a newfound appreciation for some of the ’90s alt-rock bands Ween initially rebelled against.

Wait, that makes you like them more? Fine, but please, just stop yelping like that; you're disturbing your neighbors. Instead, maybe you should buy a Ween Coloring Book, or watch this video on repeat, to soothe your excited nerves until January.