Thermals drummer Westin Glass sure knows his Portland food carts. He knows that they're delicious, cheap, plentiful, and often have really stupid names. Over on Virgin.com he's guest blogging on the top 10 most annoying food cart names in town. Check it out to see what makes his list.

When End Hits finally opens its long-awaited, music-themed food cart, we're gonna run the name by Westin to see what he thinks. Here's a short list of candidates:

Achy Breaky Cart
Sleater-Kinney and Zuke's
"My Sharona" by the Snack
You Gotta Fight for Your Right to Carty
Grand Bunk Railroad
Pretzel Logic
Simon and Cartfunkel (serving parsley, sage, and rosemary—but no motherfucking thyme, goddammit!)
Marky Mark and the Funky Lunch