While it totally sounds like the nickname you'd give the annoying British guy, Manchester Scenewipe is actually a video site dedicated to the legendary Manchester music scene. That has nothing to do with Portland, until this happened...

In September 2010, we went sunning ourselves in the America’s. This is our three part special, featuring some of the fantastic artists coming out of the North West Pacific area.

Silly Brits, as if we have sun here. But we do have bands and Manchester Scenewipe filmed plenty of great sessions while visiting—Tiny Vipers, Sean Flinn, Old Light—and the highlight of these comes courtesy of And And And. Set in a recently burned industrial building, the band performed a pair of acoustic songs, both worth watching.

Hey Manchesterites, let's totally hang out next time you come to town. I own an Inspiral Carpets T-shirt—we have so much in common!