Seattle psych troupe Midday Veil, who just released a beautifully packaged, 180-gram LP, Eyes All Around, will be kicking off their West Coast tour tonight at The Know. The band's chief sonic architects, Emily Pothast and David Golightly, share a creative, physical partnership that is unbound by limits of space, time, and possibility. Through the band, Portable Shrines (the psych collective co-founded by the pair) and it's annual Escalator Fest and bi-weekly DJ events around Seattle, they create nights, or shall I say experiences, that combine both stereophonic amplitude with entrancing visual aesthetics which can often surpass your own imagination. It is easy to fall under the spell of Pothast's divine and heavenly voice that can cut through dense fog, luminous rainbows, the scorching sun, and the darkest night skies, sometimes all within the same song. Midday Veil skirt the lines of conventional psych rock, frolicking through folky meadows one song, and postmortem mantras and ritualistic rock the next, summoning the spirit of Portishead, right down to the sonic complexities and harrowing vocals, or late, great 90s post-rockers Hovercraft, or the vigor of Velvet Underground's "Sister Ray." Truly killer stuff, pressed on 180-gram white wax. Dave Segal recently went deep into the minds of the band for The Stranger.

You can get a taste of what's about to drop from their video to the scorching "Asymptote (Part 2)," which was directed by the graphic designer/psychedelic kaleidenauts at Seattle-based design firm, Dumb Eyes.