Compton's own YG (aka Young Gangster/Keenon Jackson/Mr. Toot It and Boot It) will be performing live at Barracuda tonight—a fact that has eluded both our stellar live music listings as well as Barracuda's. However, YG's myspace page, as well as the above video ad and a few flyers around Northeast Portland, proclaim that the 20 year-old Def Jam signee is indeed scheduled to perform tonight.

Casual hiphop observers outside of Los Angeles are probably not familiar with YG's hit single—or, for that matter, the jerkin' movement, to which he is loosely affiliated—but "Toot It and Boot It" and its head-scratchingly infectious hook reached a fever-pitch of ubiquity in the clubs and on the airwaves in his hometown, garnering the young gangster a fresh record deal and a couple million YouTube views.

The video for "Toot" is below, but proceed with caution. The chorus gets in your head and stays there, mostly because you'll be wondering what the hell it means—the "boot it" part I think I've got, but what the hell does tooting it imply? Drop some knowledge in the box if you have any ideas.