"All I have is an empty hole in my life, like an amputated limb"

That's the quote of Vern Crawford, father of Kipp Crawford. A respected local musician around town, the younger Crawford was killed on November 4, 2009 while riding home from work on his bicycle. It's believed he was assaulted, robbed, then left alone on the pavement of N. Willamette and N. Haven Ave around 2:30am. Following the robbery he was hit by a pair of cars, both of which were driven by impaired drivers well over the legal drinking limit. After hitting Crawford, both cars fled the scene.

Yesterday one of the drivers, Felisa Larae Washington, plead guilty to a DUI and was sentenced to 15 days in a Washington jail, probation for three years, a $1000 fine, and alcohol treatment if necessary. That. Is. All.

If you can stomach it, read the entire Oregonian story here. It will break your fucking heart, especially this quote from his mother Jean.

"Some actions may not be provable, but there is no denying her part in the tragic results of her drunken behavior," Crawford said. "... What am I to think of human beings now? What should I think about laws? About justice? About personal responsibility and citizenship in our society?"

Honestly, don't read the article. It will ruin your day, it will make you cry, and it will make you lose faith in any semblance of a justice system. Instead, chose to remember Crawford from his music in Celilo or Thanks Kipp. In remembrance of his passing, local musician Em Brownlowe (Swallows, The Happening) recorded this song for him.


Em Brownlowe - "Thanks, Kipp"