In case you haven't noticed, it's really fucking cold outside. I don't know what you do to get through these days of numb, but personally, I enjoy setting the dials of my sputtering radiant wall heater and sun lamp to "Very High" and listening to "Sloop John B" on repeat. There are also some light imaginative exercises involved in the warming process, including simulating waves crashing against a boat's hull by tipping over containers of rice, eating lunch on a gimbaled table and envisioning being chased by pirates on speedboats with eye patches and cutlasses... but I guess we don't need to get too far into all of that.

Err. Anyways, it's usually the Brothers Wilson singing it, but today, it's Musee Mecanique. They do a good job with this tune; I can't imagine it's an easy one to sing. Plus, it's really difficult to argue with a band that uses a typewriter as percussion.